Make Hand Sanitizer At Home: DIY Time

Hand sanitizers are extremely important right now. We know why. The world is hit by coronavirus and hence, it is crucial to take care of ourselves and our family members. We are suggested to use either a hand sanitizer or wash our hands with soap and warm water frequently. But due to its excessive demand, the shelves in most of the stores are empty and we come home disappointed and worried. Also, the prices too, have gone up in a few places. In such times, when there is a shortage along with an increase in price, it is always better to find a solution at home. So, here is how you can make your own hand sanitizer at home. It is easy, affordable and quick.

Make sure to check for your allergies in the ingredients listed below before you make and use this sanitizer.

How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At Home

  1. The first thing that you’ll need is rubbing alcohol. It prevents the growth of bacteria and kills germs. You’ll get it in a medical store easily. It has antiseptic properties and is used in all healthcare settings too. In a clean beaker or bowl, add around 50-60 ml of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Then add around 4-5 spoons of aloe vera gel. It will be best if you extract out fresh gel from an aloe plant. If not, you can use the ones available in the market. Aloe gel is a rich antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Third in line is coconut oil. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry out our hands very quickly. And I have very dry hands. So it becomes very important for me to moisturize my hands after every use of hand sanitizer. You can add a spoon of this oil for hydration if you have the same problem.
  4. The quantity we are making is not much. But we still would want to add a tablet of Vitamin E for preservation purpose. You can take a tablet (the one that I usually take is Evion Vitamin E 400 mg capsules, green in colour), cut it from the edge and pour out the oil in the same bowl or beaker. While adding all these things, don’t forget to keep on stirring.
  5. And finally, if you like fragrance, you can add essential oils too. There are a wide variety of them available in the market. Take the ones that have some benefit along with a good fragrance.

Mix everything well and store it in a tight bottle. And make new batches as and when you need.

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