What Is Your Favourite Motivational Quote?

A Typewriter and a Bedside Lamp

Quotes and sayings dominate our thinking. There were days when I used to spend endless hours searching for that one perfect quote for my Whatsapp status. Or for that matter, Facebook too. It used to be more about searching the cool ones to stand apart from your friends. I still remember how I downloaded so many quotes applications in my phone just to get new ones every day. But now, years later, things have changed. The Whatsapp statuses have gone from a world class quote to ‘very busy’. Now we all read quotes to relate it with our lives rather than to post it somewhere. It is more to motivate, heal and inspire ourselves. Today I’ll talk about my favourite motivational quote.

One day, while scrolling through Instagram, I came across this one piece of writing that has stuck with me even after may be two years. I don’t know who the original writer is. But whoever it is, they have done an amazing job. It instantly became my favourite motivational quote. I go back to it every time I need that energy back.

Since that, I’ve always got back to this one whenever I’ve had a self-doubt or when I started losing faith in the supreme energy. We all are humans and at times, we feel sad and lost. It feels as if there’s no way out. As if no good thing can ever happen to us again. In those times, it is important to remind yourself that even the darkest of clouds don’t promise a sunless morning. Then why should we deprive ourselves of the happiness we deserve? Aren’t we supposed to be optimistic and see a ray of hope through every crack? It might sound better said than done. But believe me, when we start changing our perspective and the direction of our thoughts, we surely would reach our happy little imperfect paradise where things might not be sunny always, but it will be the best one for us.

With that note, I hope you too, will find something like this to adhere on to. It will welcome you every time you go through its words.

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